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From crafting bespoke designs and revitalizing interiors to executing precise alterations,
we deliver unmatched quality tailored precisely to our clients' needs.

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Aircraft interior refurbishment, modification, and component fabrication.

AeroElite is dedicated to aircraft interior refurbishment, modification and component creation. We partner with MROs, aircraft owners, and small maintenance shops to offer an extensive rang of services executed with superior craftsmanship.

From in-house fabrication to complete restoration, we've yet to meet a challenge we can't match. Our on the go approach ensures the utmost in efficiency, convenience, and customer satisfaction. We bring our services to the aircraft to save significant positioning, landing and direct operating costs for our customers.

AeroElite is a Certified FAA Part 145 Repair Station

Whether it's crafting bespoke designs, revitalizing interiors, or conducting alterations, our expertise ensures top-quality results tailored to our clients' needs. Additionally, our advanced 3D virtual tour scans offer a dynamic and immersive experience for visualizing spaces with precision and detail.


Ranging from engine covers and carpeting to curtains, leather, vinyl, netting, and diverse insulation materials, blankets, and bags.


Includes restoration of all fabric, vinyl, and leather components, panel repairs, seat upholstery, and more.


Comprises many options including cabin lighting adjustments, soundproofing enhancements, and various other services.


Involves the manufacturing and application of placards, creation of leather and vinyl goods, and the production of glass rack and drawer divider inserts.

Mobile Approach

AeroElite provides a mobile team that delivers aircraft interior services directly to the customer's hangar.

3D Virtual Tour Scans

A 360° exploration of cabin features to view the final product without the need to be physically present in the aircraft.


AeroElite’s team are experts in business administration, management, safety, and equipment maintenance.


AeroElite relentlessly strives to deliver unparalleled quality and innovation in each project.

A Fully Mobile Approach

Founded by experts in aircraft maintenance and interior refurbishment, we opt for a fully mobile approach, eschewing traditional hangar space. This strategy not only slashes operating costs but also prioritizes customer convenience. AeroElite caters to both private aircraft owner-operators and smaller maintenance facilities at regional airports lacking in-house capabilities, thereby enhancing industry competitiveness.

Specialized Tooling & Equipment

We equip our technicians with specialized tooling and equipment, including a unique, OSHA-approved inflatable spray booth. This inventive solution allows AeroElite to safely apply dyes, paints, and adhesives on-site without environmental risks. This mobility extends to projects where our team seamlessly split work between a customer's hangar and its facility boasting cutting-edge equipment like laser cutters and a comprehensive workbench.

Industry-Wide Benefits

By bridging the gap for regional maintenance facilities, AeroElite enables them to compete effectively against larger players in the market. This collaborative model emphasizes efficiency, flexibility, and environmental responsibility, positioning AeroElite as a dynamic force in the aviation maintenance sector, poised to revolutionize the industry's landscape.

Explore answers to common questions to ensure a smooth experience.

How long does it take to refurbish a private jet?

Upon finalizing and approving the design, the aircraft refurbishment is set to begin. AeroElite assumes full management and supervision of the entire production process, with timelines varying from a few weeks to several months based on the project's complexity and scale.

What about price? How much does it cost to redo the interior of a large private jet?

The expenses associated with interior design will fluctuate significantly depending on the extent and scale of your redesign project. Each quote will undergo refinement to ascertain whether the endeavor entails a complete overhaul, encompassing elements like wood finishes, or if it's primarily focused on soft goods.

Additionally, pricing is influenced by the materials utilized; for instance, Indian silk carpets incur considerably higher costs compared to wool carpeting.

Where will the interior maintenance be accomplished?

We will come to you! For most projects, we remove the interior and transport it to our facility for completion, then return and reinstall it in your hangar. For smaller projects, we can handle modifications and installations entirely at your location.

How do I choose my materials?

We have a design center at our facility with numerous samples. We assist you in making decisions, from carpet to woodwork, and create a 3-D mock-up of your selections before placing any orders. If more convenient, we can also ship samples directly to you for your selections.

What are some of the benefits of outsourcing aircraft management?

By entrusting us as your aircraft management team, we enhance your operation, reduce your costs and risks, and manage your asset more efficiently. Notably, we deliver significant cost savings on critical operational elements such as fuel, crew training, insurance, and maintenance.

Leveraging our fleet purchasing power, long-standing vendor relationships, and a national fuel program (which we negotiate for every trip), we pass all discounts, savings, and cost avoidance directly to you without any markups or fees.

Thinking of changing your aircraft management company?

Sometimes, relationships don't work out as expected, or your evolving needs are no longer met, leaving you feeling like just another client. We understand that changing your aircraft management company can seem daunting, but we take full responsibility and, with careful planning and clear communication, ensure a smooth and seamless transition.